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    If  you would like a faster way to access the Club Public Forum without transiting via the main club website then save the following link as a bookmark


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    Thanks to all the members who regularly take pictures and send them in to the committee. With the advent of better camera's the file size of photo's is going up and up. Ideally for use on the website we only need screen resolution sizes ie around 250Kb. Where ever possible please submit your photo's in this form and not as 3-6Mb files. That way we can publish them quickly without having to re-size them. You may find an easy way of doing this is to email your photos to us, if you use Outlook it will ask you if you want to re-size your photo's for email.

  • 08 Oct 2012 12:57 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    From from October 2013 the club will be holding its monthly general meetings on the second TUESDAY of each month. The move from Mondays is a condition of our new agreement with SPBC.
  • 25 Sep 2012 19:58 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    This is the 4th year of the Annual Camp Cook-off but it was the first I have attended. 24 members, partners, family and friends attended the camp at Kokerbin Hill between Quairading and Bruce Rock. What a great event it was! I know it's an old cliche "you had to be there", but I reckon its true. There was great camaraderie, outrageous sledging (Ken), amazing cooking skills and some outright theatrics (JP!)

    The night was chilly so a big camp fire was in order with Travis ferrying vast quantities of wood in to keep the fire going all night.

    There were the usual posers!

    Arriving early to scope out the competition.

    It was great to see so many entries and such a variety of dishes.

    The judges certainly didn't go wanting for dinner on the night.

    In fact a few of the spectators didn't go wanting either as they followed the judges around with their own cutlery sampling the left overs!

    This year most came by road, but JP reminded us that the he came by dirt, how the heck he brought the TV and Caramel popcorn is another story!
    but it was enough to win him a jacket. Though I think the judges might have awarded it just to shut him up!!

    Many more pictures and details to come, the pictures are still coming in.

    A big thanks to Toni and Anthony for their great work in making the event possible. Thanks to the Judges, ladies you did a great job. Thanks to all our sponsors who will be listed in a subsequent post, and thank you to all who attended and helped to make it a great evening.

    The Awards Included:

    1-Best overall dish - Jamie     (Awarded the Street Guard Jacket generously donated by Auto Classic )

    2-Runner up and best presentation - Anthony - (Awarded the Camel Back donated by Better Motorcycle Repairs thanks Dave and Tricia)

    3-Creativity and entertainment - JohnP for his popcorn and movie show that went on, and on, and on - soft shell jacket from Paddy Pallins

    4-Best rice dish - John - Vanilla and Strawberry rice pudding with B52's and Cowboys - (awarded petrol powered camp stove)

    5-3 course Vegetarian -Cookie (Awarded tyre repair Kit)

    6-Rookie encouragement - Jeff -Catalano voucher

    7-Meat /Chicken dish Swampie - Chilli con Carne b(attery charger)

    8-Seafood - Bill - Garlic Prawns with Basil and Cream Sauce - (battery charger)

    9-The Chook Bucket Award (Most "shitty" dish - Ken (Awarded T-shirt)

    10 -Best camper  - Travis (Awaerded mixed pressie)

    11-Most original Ozzie dish - PhilC - (Snaggers !!) (Awarded mesh pack)

    12-Most unusual food combination - Toni (Awarded gootoob bottles)


    The Dishes:

    Jamie - lamb, couscous, chickpea dish

    Anthony - north Africa inspired dish - Shakshuka - chorizo & vego

    Phil - Australian inspired snaggers, bread, tomato sauce plus secret garnish - inspired on the fly

    Jeff - Cajun chicken, potatoes and sour cream, broccoli - inspired by spices

    Swampie - chilli con carne. Inspired - like it!

    John - Strawberries, Cream & Cowboys!  Rice pudding w strawberries w kick. Inspired - practical and easy

    Bill - garlic prawns with chilli and basil, macadamia nut oil. Served on rice and peas.

    Cookie - tomato and onion bruschetta - starters / Sweet potato and pumpkin risotto/ choc and marshmallow bananas - pudding. Inspired - vegetarian 'Rachel'

    Travis - non-member - "Camp kitchen" cooking - yum!

    JP - relax in your ugg boots

    Toni - inspiration - pantry! No prep as just flew in from Brisbane. Cheese w coffee beans and honey served in motorbike toolkit - yum yum.

    Ken - kebabs - marinated w balsamic.  Camp made. v yum

  • 31 Aug 2012 17:25 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Get onto You Tube and search up "Globeriders "Tips From The Road"
    You will find a great resource of video clips with handy GS focused traveling tips such as:

    How to fix a broken side stand switch

    Oil Cooler Repair

    and one for Mike Chain Maintenance

    Look around there are lots more
  • 10 Aug 2012 17:45 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    This one's for you Cookie, you know you want one!
    Ural Patrol 2wd

  • 10 Aug 2012 17:43 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    If you are a fan of the GS have a look at this short You Tube clip
    30 Years GS
  • 03 Aug 2012 21:48 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    For those interested in how the Border Run participants are progressing, have a look on the clubs public forum under rides / Border run to find Bully and Mikes spot tracker links.
    Both are camped at the start of the 90 mile straight this evening (Friday 3rd). Bully travelled via Hyden on his R100gs outfit, Mike blacktop all the way via Coolgardie on his ZX14. 

  • 28 Jul 2012 15:21 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Thanks to all those who attended and assisted with the Annual Dinner it was a great night. We had an excellent turnout with 50 people enjoying the evening. Aaron and his wife Nikki attended from Auto Classic donating some great prizes. We had a good showing of new members which was fantastic to see. The Mallard Duck put on a good spread and I particularly enjoyed the sticky date pudding towards the end of the evening.

    Prizes awarded over the night included

    1. The Door Prize - Paul Chapman
    2. The Bwana's quiz - Lefty and JonO
    3. The newest member - Paul Chapman
    4. The earliest member - Brian Harvey
    5. The longest distance to attend the annual dinner - The Van Ballegooyen's from Keleberrin
    6. The member bring the most guests to the dinner - Wayne Eacott +3
    7. Who won the 25 year old BMWMCCWA Commemorative bottle of port donated by Brian Harvey ?

    John Wightman took several pictures so we hope to see some posted in the photo gallery shortly.

    Don't forget the Border Run next weekend, followed by the Black Dog ride, the Kart World Event, the Camp Cook off to be firmed up, and the Lake Dumbleyung camp on the October long weekend, its a busy schedule!

    See you at Catalano's

  • 22 Jul 2012 21:41 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Our Records Officer is going to set about compiling a register of members favorite rides with the aim of building a knowledge base of great rides near and far from Perth that all members can access. To to this end we need routes, instructions, distances, details ...details and pictures would be good to!

    We know that some of our members have an absolute wealth of knowledge, having lead us on some memorable excursions. It would be of enormous value to the rest of the members especially our new members if we could harness this and make it available to them. Of course we don't want all our favorite roads and camping spots becoming major tourist routes do we?, so this information is destined for the members only section of the website.

    If you have any favorite rides or even great ride suggestions send some details into Dave at email records@bmwmccwa.asn.au or post them here Ride Suggestions This includes mid week rides, half day rides, full day, overnight, weekend or even multi day trips.

    As Dave gets it all together you will be able to see and comment on the rides in the register here Members Ride Register you can even add a RSS feed so that you get emailed every time a new resource is added.

    So get your thinking caps on and get those suggestions coming in..

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